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 The next London Meet Up for Internet Marketers is on Monday the 29th April

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The topic this month is going to be “How to create and market your own products”.

There is a myth that creating products is hard and lengthy and expensive, the reality is the opposite.

For example, one of last month’s panelists created and launched his own product, using an idea he had while on the panel, within 3 days of the Meet-Up !!

Can you guess who it was and what the product was ?

(And it shows that products don’t have to be long and complicated – hint !)

The benefits of having your own products, even if you just give them away to get people to opt in, are substantial.
– You can create your own sales funnel and triple your earnings
– It opens up affiliates to you and accelerates your growth for less effort
– It enables you to increase the size and quality of your list
– It gives you more flexibility for time and event based promotions

The panel format that we used last time seemed to work well, so this time I have organised a panel of product creation specialists…..

Mark Lyford – Expert in Lead generation & software Products
Christopher Payne – Expert in Physical Products
Gavin McCoy – Expert in creating ebooks
Sarah Staar – Expert in creating sales funnels

This is going to be a great opportunity to listen to what some of the best people in the UK are doing, and to get your business really going


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